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[ Prologue ]
Which company provides reliable natural gas so that consumers can use it safely?
Enjoying happiness supported by energy
The company enhances energy technology that brings happiness.
The company exports the energy technology to the world.
World best energy technology company
The company is the Korea Gas Technology Corporation.

[ Driving force for opening energy technology of industrial-age in Korea ]
Is it possible for Korea to become a developed country in terms of energy technology?
The answer that shocked the world, KOGAS-Tech became one.
KOGAS-Tech was founded in 1993 to introduce and supply natural gas, and provide maintenance and engineering services of the entire facilities, and develop energy technology.
It has four production facilities in Pyeongtaek, Incheon, Tongyoung and Samcheok with 600 major equipments including 72 storage tanks. It also has 401 gas supply maintenance facilities with 4,824km long main pipeline throughout the nation. The company maintains thorough safety checks and maintenance over back-born network of infrastructure.
KOGAS-Tech is the living history of energy technology.
The company will leap forward to become one of the world best energy technology companies.

[ The best energy technology guarantees the highest safety ]
What is the best energy technology?
Safety overrides all other energy technologies.
Maintaining safety is our absolute mission.
KOGAS-Tech conducts precise inspection and complete maintenance based on specialized technology of checking and repairing ultralow temperature facilities.
Operate councils of Safety Management and Safety Administration
Introduce Safety Management BBS system based on the behavior of human errors
Provide various safety training programs and accident prevention system
The only goal that KOGAS-Tech has for the safety is accident-free and injury-free on natural gas facilities in Korea.

[ Indefinite Innovation of Energy Technology ]
The world-class energy company
We have leading technologies that advance our generation.
Succeed in domestically designing ultralow LNG storage tank that is essential to supply natural gasPossess the world class level of core technologies over maintaining natural gas facilities and trial run technology
The company continues to make insatiable innovation of energy technology.
KOGAS-Tech, recognized as having the best technologies in natural gas energy facilities such as LNG terminal, high pressure line and new energy plant, continues to make efforts to develop not only technologies of advanced facilities management, but also to develop the next generation of eco-friendly energy such as DME, LNG bunkering engineering, BIO-Gas, CCS and IGCC plants technologies.
In addition, the company is planning to obtain engines of solid future growth by securing 8 strategic technologies that were assimilated with future technologies and current technologies from the company research institute of technology before long.

[ The leading company in the world energy technology market ]
The world market
KOGAS-Tech is targeting the global market.
The company is operating various overseas energy projects around the globe including Nigeria, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore, and Iraq.
To enter a bigger global market, KOGAS-Tech will build overseas business network, enhance new business capabilities and global mission capabilities as well.
In order to cultivate talented individuals who are core elements to the world best energy technology company, the company has been conducting training programs of core technologies and also has various programs including KOGAS-Tech Leadership Academy and supports its employees to get master and doctorate degrees, professional license, and provides incentive payments.

[ Service for Customers ]
Innovation, Communication, and Sharing
KOGAS-Tech is creating energy technology and cultivating values
KOGAS-Tech has a vision to become the world best energy technology company.
In order to accomplish its vision, KOGAS-Tech has put forth every ounce of its energies to sustainable management innovation along with responsibility management, integrity/ethical management and management by principle.
The principles of KOGAS-Tech management are fulfilling no-injury/no-accident, enhancing maintenance technique, improving efficiency of maintenance tasks, and creating engines for sustainable growth by establishing safety management system.
The company is cultivating values of communication and sharing by carrying out ‘customers for lifetime’ campaign, integrity campaign, and real shared growth with small and medium-sized subcontractors.
In particular, KOGAS-Tech demonstrates its characteristic as an energy technology company by executing the 15th of social contribution program ‘KOGAS-Tech Type’, an energy welfare business.

[ Epilogue ]
KOGAS-Tech will promote insatiable innovation of energy technology that brings happiness.
The company is making a new leap forward to become the world best.
KOGAS-Tech will never stop insatiable innovation.
We will bring the bigger happiness with energy.

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