Hot tapping technology / Ultra low temperature rotating machine maintenance technology / Facility performance diagnosis technology / Piping soundness securing technology / LNG storage tank repair technology  / Research base and liquefaction base test-drive technology

KOGAS-Tech established medium/long-term technology development plant and develops experts in 6 core technology areas to secure competitive technologies as a leading company for natural gas facility maintenance in Korea as well as to meet customers' needs for perfect repair system and the best responsible maintenance service.

Ultra low rotating machine maintenance technology

It is to improve facility performance by processing and improving ultra low temperature parts through cause analysis on defects from facility operation as well as precision inspection on soundness of the rotating machine that transports and compresses ultra low temperature LNG using various equipments.

Facility performance diagnosis technology

It is to perform prediction maintenance through measuring data and checking facility soundness without disassembling the facility by using precision analyzer, to prevent facility errors and malfunction.

Piping network soundness securing technology

Intelligent pigging

It is to identify all issues(e.g. corrosion, deformation, various defects, etc.) inside the piping by running the intelligent pig within the piping while maintaining gas supply to secure soundness of interior of the piping in operation.

LNG storage tank repair technology

It is to perform inspection and repair for internal defects by opening the tank to resolve issues in long-term operation of LNG storage tanks in the country. It is a technology to secure soundness of LNG storage tanks.

Receiving base and liquefaction base test-drive technology

Receiving base test-drive

It is to check process operation of the entire facility as well as to check performance of all devices by performing test before regular operation after building a new receiving base

Liquefaction base test-drive

It is to check performance of all devices before regular operation of NG liquefaction processing plant to export gas collected from gas field, etc. after removing foreign substances and treating with liquefaction.

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