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[ Prologue ]
Technology that moves the world
Technology that people trust
Korea Gas Technology Corporation
has grown continuously along with
the enhancement of people's convenience of living.

[ KOGAS-Tech Identity ]
Based upon the maintenance and safety management
of the world's largest natural gas facilities,
KOGAS-Tech is also advancing into the energy plant EPCC and O&M
project, and is moving forward with unlimited potential even today

[ Safety Management ]
Safety is the top core value of KOGAS-Tech.
Systematic safety management and continuous quality management
are the corporate values of KOGAS-Tech and a precious promise to our customers.

[ Inspection and maintenance of natural gas production and supply facilities]
KOGAS-Tech delivers energy
from the other side of the globe to Korea.
KOGAS-Tech is contributing to stable production of natural gas
by carrying out thorough inspection and maintenance of all facilities.

[ Inspection and maintenance of domestic natural gas supply facilities]
The natural gas produced in this way
is supplied nationwide
through the 4,900 kilometers long pipeline network and over 400 supply stations.

[ Plant EPCC O&M ]
KOGAS-Tech delivers Korean technology to the world.
KOGAS-Tech succeeded
in designing 270,000 kiloliter storage tanks first time in Korea.
KOGAS-Tech is recognized globally
for its technical capability in designing and EPC of global oil and gas plants.
KOGAS-Tech has designed
18 overseas LNG storage tanks,
and has successfully carried out designing and EPC projects of oil and gas plants.
Based upon our experience and know-how,
KOGAS-Tech is growing into a global energy solution provider

[ Specialized Technology / New Energy / Research and Development (R&D) ]
As a pioneer in Korea's energy technology,
KOGAS-Tech has specialized technologies
for maintenance projects of natural gas production and supply facilities,
By using big data in its management,
KOGAS-Tech is creating a system
for sustainable growth as well as maintaining natural gas facilities in optimal state at all times.

[ Social Contribution Activities, Ethical Management, HR (Human Resource) Training ]
KOGAS-Tech realizes social values through a community service
KOGAS-Tech is also creating a culture of mutual growth
with business partners
KOGAS-Tech leads
the way of job stabilization,
and is making continuous efforts to train global talents.

[ Epilogue ]

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